Creating a Contact Form in a WordPress site has never been so easy

There are dozens of plugins out there to create a basic contact form, but most are confusing, overly complicated and hard to customize. With SimpleForm everything becomes easier. Give it a try, it's free!

Just 3 steps, and you’re done!

Easy to set up thanks to a intuitive admin interface that allow you full control on your contact form. SimpleForm is immediately ready to use. Here all you've got to do:

Build your contact form

Select which fields to display and what kind of user can see them. Decide which fields are required and which are not. Change the fields labels. Add the shortcode in a page.

Configure the emails

Setup a SMTP Server for outgoing email if you havent't already done so. Enable the notification email and the confirmation email.

Customize it to suit your needs

Change error messages. Choose the success action: redirect to a confirmation page or display a confirmation message. Give your contact form a personal touch.

Ready to get started?
You'll be surprised by how simple it can be